Someone going skiing for the first time could easily be overawed by some of the terminology that is used, with an awful lot to take in and learn.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick 'A-Z of Ski' featuring a few terms and phrases you’ll want to make sure you know…

A is for… Après Ski.
Literally translated as 'after ski', this is the activities that take place when a day on the slopes draws to a close and can include everything from drinking to dining in bars and restaurants to dancing the night away in a club or relaxing with a spa treatment

B is for… Black Run
One to avoid if you’re sampling skiing for the first time, the Black Run is the most challenging option for someone on the slopes and is suitable for experts. Beginners need to look elsewhere…

C is for… Chair Lift
The most common way to get from the bottom of the slopes to the top, a chair lift runs on a wire in the same way as a cable car, with skiers sitting in a row on something akin to a small bench with a safety rail to hold them in place. Skis are worn throughout so you can quickly get down to business when you reach the summit

D is for… Drag Lift
An alternative way to get to the top of the slopes that involves standing on your skis and being pulled along

E is for… Edge
Nothing too fancy here. Edge refers to the sharp metal edge on the outside of a pair of skis, and is used to help keep control when making a turn

F is for… Freestyle
Freestyle skiing is a form of skiing that includes doing lots of tricks and jumps - meaning it’s something that isn’t suited to beginners

G is for… Grooming
The way in which the slopes are prepared in an evening once everyone has headed to the bar to ensure that they are in pristine condition the following morning

H is for… Hard Pack
Snow that has been compressed to the stage where it has hardened

I is for… Inside Edge
The ski that is on the inside when making a turn

J is for… Jib
Skiing on a non-skiing surface, such as rails or boxes

K is for… Kicker
A small jump made of snow, which will effectively help to 'kick' you into the air

L is for… Lift Pass
One of the most important things you will need for a ski holiday, your lift pass is basically your ticket that provides access to the ski lifts in order to take to the slopes and get down to action

M is for… Moguls
A series of humps and bumps that have been carved into the snow, sometimes as a result of people skiing and sometimes having been created manually to

N is for… Nursery Slopes
A slope featuring a gentle gradient which is the ideal first step for someone who hasn’t ever been on skis before

O is for… Off Piste
The area off the marked ski slopes, which can be popular with people who want to explore but which carries additional risks

P is for… Powder
Fresh snow that can be very soft and very deep. If you have the right equipment and are experienced enough, then skiing on fresh snow can be the highlight of any winter trip

Q is for… Quad
A larger chair lift that can carry four people

R is for… Rope Lift
Usually found on the beginner slopes, a simple lift formed by a slow moving rope that pulls you to the top

S is for… Snowplough
A way in which people who are new to skiing will learn how to control their skis and keep their balance buy pointing the skies together in the shape of a snowplough - ensuring they keep their speed low whilst they build confidence

T is for… Traverse
The safest way to head down steeper slopes. Rather than going straight down and risking going too quickly, you traverse the

U is for… Uphill Edge
The edge of the ski on the uphill side if you are traversing down a ski slope

V is for… Vertical Drop
Not the big drop you might think it refers to, vertical drop is the difference between the top of the slopes and the bottom

W is for… White Out
The phrase used when there is extremely poor visibility caused by heavy snow, mist or a combination of the two

X is for… X Ray
Something you’ll hope to avoid during a ski holiday!

Y is for… Yard Sale
A slang term used when someone falls and their skis and poles are left spread across the slopes

Z is for… Zipper Line
The quickest route through the bumps when skiing through moguls