The recent run of poor weather and the sight of snow on the ground might have left you wishing you were away on the slopes where you could really make the most of the conditions - rather than dealing with the inevitable issues that arise here in the UK when the weather turns…

At the same time however, you might have been left to consider whether or not you’ve missed the best time to book a ski holiday as we head towards spring and - hopefully - prepare to bid farewell to the dark nights of winter.

Fear not however, as there are still plenty of opportunities to take to the slopes and enjoy a ski holiday, with Easter time being one such time when you might try and escape the office in search of some of some late season fun.

Easter this year falls in early April but that certainly isn’t too late to head away on a ski holiday, with plenty of deals available for you to secure your place on the slopes without breaking the bank.

That’s down in no small part to the fact that Easter falls outside peak ski season, which means that prices will already be lower than if you were joining the rush to get away around the Christmas and New Year period.

Okay so the whole idea of going skiing in a winter wonderland has plenty of appeal, but the fact that so many people are thinking the same thing means that prices are higher and resorts are more crowded.

Even during the upcoming February half term, it’s still likely to be busy as families fight to grab what they feel might be the last chance to hit the slopes for a skiing break before they turn their focus to the countdown to a summer holiday on the beach.

Wait until Easter however and the demand for accommodation will be much lower, meaning there are plenty of Easter ski deals to be had in both chalets and hotels - whilst resorts have been known to reduce the prices on things like lift passes and equipment hire in a bid to encourage people onto the slopes.

Add those two things together and you could be looking at huge savings compared to if you had travelled at peak times - leaving hundreds of pounds extra in your pocket to spend on other things…

One concern people might have about waiting until Easter to go skiing is what the conditions will be like on the slopes and whether there will still be plenty of snow.

The simple answer to this question is a resounding yes, particularly after a winter where the major resorts have all had plenty of snow dumped on the ground. In general terms, to find the best snow conditions through the Easter period, you’ll want to head for higher ground - quite simply because lower temperatures will mean that the snow stays for longer.

North facing slopes that are more sheltered from the sun are also favourable, as are those resorts that are located in glacial areas.

It means the likes of Tignes, Val d’Isere and Les Deux Alpes are all ideal for some Easter skiing, with the high slopes being perfect and the ski conditions being as good as ever - just without all the people who would have been there back in December.

Once you reach your resort, the longer days mean you’ll be able to really make the most of your Easter ski holiday, with the ski lifts open later so you have more hours in which to showcase your skills.

You’ll also be doing that in slightly more favourable conditions as although it will still be cool if you are skiing at a high altitude resort, you can expect to have the sun beating down on you during the day. That is something that might well appeal of you are looking to book a family ski break or are a beginner who may have to spend some time waiting around during lessons.

Should the idea of booking an Easter skiing trip appeal, then get in touch with our expert team today and we’ll be able to go through the options that are available to you!