Packing for your summer holiday on the beach can be a stressful experience but those stress levels can go off the scale when you’re heading skiing and have to try and ensure that you don’t forget any of your vital ski gear.

Here’s our quick guide to the essentials that you’ll not want to forget….


We recently blogged about layering when you go skiing, and your thermal layers are something you certainly won’t want to forget - you’ll be in for a pretty torrid time on the slopes without them! Ideally you’ll want a few base layers to sit next to your body so you don’t have to wear the same one for two days in a row and then a fleece layer to sit on top of that, ensuring that you’ll be able to stay warm whatever the weather may throw at you.

Outer Layers:

There is no point having a good base layer and a decent fleece if you don’t remember your ski jacket and trousers. These are the waterproof and windproof outer layer that will be the final barrier between you and the elements, and are a key part of your ski wear. Specialist ski wear is highly recommended, even if it costs slightly more.


Don’t forget some good quality ski socks - you certainly don’t want to have to deal with your feet being cold and wet when you are on the slopes. A good pair of ski socks is much better than simply wearing a few pairs of regular socks, which will prove to be less comfortable, and give you less control of your skis.


As with your feet, your won’t want your hands to get cold when on the slopes so a decent pair of ski gloves are crucial for your trip. Hand warmers might be a good idea when the gloves are off and you are taking a break from the slopes.


This one is crucial as a helmet could be the difference between life and death in the event of a fall. You’ll have to ensure that the helmet is a good fit to provide maximum protection, as an ill-fitting helmet can be just as dangerous as not wearing one at all. You may decide to rent a helmet at your resort rather than buy.


As well as a helmet, you’ll want a decent pair of googles to protect your eyes. Tinted lenses are ideal because not only will they help with the sun, they’ll also protect against glare from the sun reflecting from the snow….

Sun Screen:

…and for that very reason, you’ll also want to take some sun screen with you on your ski holiday. Okay so it’s going to be far from warm, but that doesn’t mean the sun won’t be shining in the sky and the risk of getting sunburn can be much higher than you’d expect!


There are various things you’ll want to keep close on the slopes - like your sunscreen, lip balm to protect your lips, sunglasses and a drink to stay hydrated. A rucksack is ideal, so make sure you take one along.

Evening wear:

Don’t forget that you’ll need warm clothes for an evening when you head off to explore the apres-ski in your resort. Getting glammed up might be the order of the day on a beach break in Spain but when you’re visiting a ski resort, you’ll want to pay more attention to staying warm! Consider warmer items of clothing like jeans, invest in a decent beanie hat and dig out your warm coat and gloves - but follow the same idea of layering as you would on the slopes so you don’t get too hot once in the local bars and restaurants!


We haven’t forgotten the obvious - simply because we’d hope you wouldn’t do either! But there is also the fact that many people might decide to rent skis when they are in resort rather than invest in a pair of their own.